"I see the Joy of the Lord in Heather."


Heather, is a lioness for Christ. In that, she wears the strength of the Lord, as she roars out his messages. What God has placed on Heather’s heart, as passions, she jumps in - feet first. She has a very whimsical way of portraying how, in circumstances with her neck just above water, she treads and stays afloat. Another wonderful part about hearing her speak is that she speaks of her realness. Any issue that is currently in her forefront, whether it be women issues, marriage challenges, saving babies, friendship circumstances, or relationship tests, she shares freely with the confidence of the Lord being with her. Those audiences might be family, social medial, work environments, church bodies, or speaking audiences. Heather is ‘Pro-Jesus” and “Pro-life”! She loves Jesus and she loves life! I believe, that is why, she is such a tremendous advocate for Pro-life. Heather has made a mark for Jesus in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Of recent, Embrace Grace, a program designed to love on girls with crisis pregnancies, has Heather orchestrating with ease and passion. The number of young women that have received Jesus’s love, through Heather and these programs, are countless. Being a Christian Author, I use the avenue of writing. Writing things down is a valuable practice to organize your thoughts. Heather meticulously writes out the plan God places on her heart, for each speaking engagement. She comes prepared. She does her homework and she always brings biblical truth to the stage. With that said, God finds a unique way to bring humor into Heather’s speeches and interactions. I see the Joy of the Lord in Heather. I am confident her audiences do as well.

Kathleen Ann Marchant, Christian Author