About Heather Lawless

Heather Lawless and husband Rick

Heather Lawless is the founder of Reliance Ministries, a group leader for her local Embrace Grace program, and a public speaker. But, her most important titles are: Jesus follower, wife, mom, and friend – in that order.


Heather has been married to her husband Rick for 11 years as a blended family they have four children – three from Rick’s previous marriage, and one from Heather’s previous marriage. They also have one grandson and one granddaughter. Rick and Heather live in a tiny town in Idaho, and enjoy time in the outdoors in the beautiful mountains of Idaho.

As Heather served as the Director of Development for a local Pregnancy Resource center for five years, her passion for helping women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy grew. Her desire to promise to be there for them and then “prove it” became like a fire in her heart. Together, with love and support from friends and family, the vision for Reliance Ministries was born.

Heather has had a calling on her to be a voice for LIFE even when she was in the womb. Her mother, who was a kidney transplant patient, was told she should never have children. When she became pregnant with Heather, the doctors and her family told her to have an abortion. Her mother refused.

The doctor told her that if she lived through the pregnancy she would not even live to see her child turn 18. Heather’s mother chose life, and by God’s grace, Heather’s mother lived and loved her until Heather was 28 and then went home to be with Jesus.

Heather accepted Christ at the age of 16, but like many young people, Heather made mistakes and found herself going from relationship to relationship to find love and comfort. She was married, divorced, and facing an unplanned pregnancy by the time she was 23. Heather chose life for her child and is now blessed with a beautiful 13-year-old daughter.

After two marriages ending in divorce and then a single Mom of a 1-year-old , Heather made the choice to finally surrender all her Life to Jesus and from then on everything started to change.

Heather communicates with a fire and passion that can only come from Christ. She speaks boldly and unashamedly about her past and about God’s mercy and grace that has brought her to where she is now. “Truth and Grace” is her motto – because we need to have both…in equal parts, to make a difference.